My mom tells me that I told her I was “practicing my faces and how to cry” when I was only 5 yrs old. For me, the first time I remember wanting to be an actress was in 4th grade, it was the school play. From that point on, no other job or passion in the world mattered to me. It is this same deep love for acting that has kept me fighting to get back to it after a long break.

I’m originally from Michigan, and went to Western Michigan University on an Acting Scholarship. Upon Graduation, I moved to Chicago with $600 in my pocket and the dream to be a working actress whose base would always be the great city of Chicago. 

I am most known for my supporting role in the movie “Save the Last Dance” with Kerri Washington and Julia Stiles, where I played “Diggy”. I have also been in the independent film “Into Temptation” with Jeremy Sisto and Kristen Chenoweth, as “Maria”.  Independent Film really became my wheelhouse, as Television for many years was not a hotbed in Chicago the way it is now. I love working in film and because I have done so many Independent films, there is a connection to that genre for me. Other indie films I have done are, “Under the City”, “Witches Night”, “Design” (Sundance Festival winner 2002), Barefoot to Jerusalem, and others….

Recently, I have been fine tuning my own skills with one on one coaching and finding who I am now as an actor. …and who is that?  I can tell you that Elisabeth Oas has a deep truth that comes through in everything character I play, and my range is larger than ever. The Bag of tricks, has grown exponentially in which to grab from for experience, due to what life I have lived in recent years. I personally cannot wait to use my gift to again be a part of something creatively greater.



Notable Projects

Elisabeth as Diggy in Save The Last Dance

Save The Last Dance is a cult favorite which debuted in the #1 spot in 2001, and remained there for 2 weeks.

Roger Ebert rated it three stars out of four, stating that "the setup promises cliches, but the development is intelligent, the characters are more complicated than we expect, and the ending doesn't tie everything up in a predictable way." And Desson Thompson of the Washington Post said, "This is a spirited, dirty dance between the polished inauthenticity of Hollywood romance-musicals and hip-hop's central tenet: keeping it real. It's an intriguing combination, if nothing else."

Read my interview with Digitally Obsessed.

I was mentioned in the book, The Oxford Handbook of Dance and the Popular Screen.



Notable Projects (continued)


My film Into Temptation (with Jeremy Sisto and Kristin Chenoweth) premiered at the Newport Beach Film Festival. Jeremy Sisto won the Outstanding Achievement award for acting. The script won the McKnight Screenwriting Fellowship from the IFP Minnesota Center for Media Arts.

“Elisabeth Oas has that extra gear you look for in an actor. She is very good, fully committed, always prepared—then she finds that little extra something you can’t direct but you love taking credit for when it shows up in your films. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.” - Patrick Coyle, Writer/Director, “Into Temptation”, “Detective Fiction,” and “The Public Domain"



My film Witches Night won "Best Horror" at the "It Came From the Lake" Film Festival and was also selected for the Phoenix Sci-fi & Horror fest. It received great reviews:

"Possibly the best horror movie about witches I’ve seen." - Don Sumner, Best Horror Movies

"The thing that really helps this film rise above the crop of average indies is the script and the solid acting." - "giallo77",

More reviews here.

Director Paul Traynor had this to say about my work:

"Elisabeth was fantastic to work with. She takes direction very well, but also brings a lot of great ideas to each scene. On a low-budget film where time was always of the essence, I was always a bit relieved to shoot Elisabeth's scenes because she was always plugged in and ready to go from the first take."



Other Reviews and Recommendations:

"I've known Elisabeth as an actress and friend for more than 20 years. In that time, I've seen her growth as an artist and have watched her become a true chameleon with each role she inhabits. Her work ethic is second to none with a talent level to match. She displays incredible passion and tremendous courage every time she steps on the stage. Elisabeth is an absolute pleasure to work with." - Dexter J. Singleton, Artistic Director - Collective Consciousness Theatre







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